Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement:

Hospice White River is committed to the following:

  • To promote quality of life and dignity in death and provide physical, psycho-social and spiritual support to our patients and the bereaved.
  • To provide palliative care in the White River area to people when diagnosed with a life threatening illness.
  • To provide patients with access to a skilled multidisciplinary team of health care professionals.
  • To offer palliative care and respite for all our patients, their carers and family, regardless of age, race, creed or economic circumstances.
  • To ensure sustainability, we are committed to good governance and transparency.
  • We value our employees and volunteers and support their ongoing professional growth and the expansion of the organization.
  • We are conscious of and responsive to the broader environmental concerns and needs of our community.


“Delivering Hospice Care – Quality Living”

Values: (ALI)


Which will include transparency, cost effectiveness, social responsibility, accuracy, effective team work, responsiveness, quality performance, and excellence.

  • LOVE:

Which will include compassion, respect, support, enthusiasm, cooperation, acceptance, patience and forgiveness.


Which will include trustworthiness, dependability, consistency, commitment, credibility, loyalty, discipline and confidentiality