Orange Occasions

Hospice is delighted to launch our new initiative for 2015, Orange Occasions.  Our focus will be on building our ORANGE brand, so all of our events will fall under the umbrella of ‘Orange Occasions’.  Whether it be a movie fundraiser, a civvies day, or our annual Golf Day, we will promote these events as Orange Occasions and we invite the public to wear a touch of orange at these events, in support of Hospice White River!
Added to this we are inviting YOU to participate in fundraising FOR us!!  You can have your very own Orange Occasion fundraiser and be seen in the press (with your permission)!

ORANGE BAUBLEMany charities are now inviting people to organise their own private fundraising events, in support of the charity of their choice, and we’re encouraging YOU to participate in Orange Occasions, by hosting your own event in support of Hospice White River.

Creativity is the name of the game, and we invite you to make your event fun, enjoyable and memorable for your guests.  This will help to create awareness of Hospice White River for which we will be very grateful.



So how can YOU orange an Orange Occasion?

Invite a group of friends to your home or other venue for an Orange Occasion and decorate according to the orange theme.  To help you get into the mood, Hospice will provide you with a ‘starter kit’ containing:

  • A registration form to register your event with Hospice White River
  • A personalised e-invitation in the theme of Orange Occasions that can be emailed to guests
  • A pack of orange serviettes
  • A swirl of orange ribbon
  • 1 box of Tea-light candles
  • 1 carton of orange Juice
  • Candle of Compassion flyers for guests

An Orange Occasion fundraiser can become a FUN-raiser in many forms:

a breakfast, a morning tea, a ladies lunch, a pamper party, a dinner party, a bike ride, a weekend braai, a ’safari dinner’, a fun-run, a swim-a-thon .. and more.

The options for your own Orange Occasion are exciting and endless!

Here are some ideas for your Orange Occasion to make it worthwhile and fun for guests:

Asking for donations to attend your event; you could publicise your own donation and invite guests to match or better your donation.


Ask your friends to bring their favourite dish and ‘sell’ servings as a donation.

  • Have a balloon raffle –  blow up balloons before your event and insert prizes or tickets
  • into some of the balloons. Guests can purchase the balloons and pop them to find
  • out who won what.
  • Please feel free to use your own network of friends and businesses for donations
  • towards your event.*
  • Hold a competition to guess how many sweets are in the jar or the weight of the cake; charge people R5 to enter the competition – winner takes home the jar or cake!
  • Display a donation box as a centre piece on your buffet table or main table
  • Bake some ‘orange-decorated’ cookies or cupcakes to sell to your guests
  • Ask everyone to wear something orange to your event, or make it an ‘orange socks/orange hat’ dress code – and those who don’t participate pay a fine!
  • To break the ice implement some ‘silly fines’ – for the biggest smile, loudest laugh, brightest outfit – fines to be popped into the donations box
  • Have a raffle, ask friends to participate by paying a small entrance fee – prizes can be small or large, from a bunch of flowers to a beauty treatment – have fun with it!
  • Make your birthday party an orange occasion and ask guests for donations in lieu of gifts
  • We invite you to be as creative as possible with your decor,
  • dress, food and flavour.
  • Photos of your event will be welcomed and forwarded to local newspapers – great publicity and encouragement for others to be community minded and host an ‘Orange Occasion’.
  • With your permission, your event will be featured on our social media platform,
  • in the local press and in future Hospice newsletters.

*Please note:  If you have sponsors for your event they will be acknowledged by Hospice.

As part of your event, we request that you encourage your guests to pledge R50 per month to Hospice’s Candle of Compassion campaign.   If you would like to promote awareness of Hospice please let us know and we will gladly attend if possible, and do a short welcome talk for your guests.

If you are interested in hosting an Orange Occasion contact us.